There have been some reports of strange animals in this area. Take your units to investigate, and report back your findings.
- Mission briefing

Strange Behavior is the first mission of the Funpark campaign in C&C: Covert Operations.


The player is briefed by Kane, who tells the player that he has been receiving reports of odd animal behavior, and tells the player to investigate with some of his troops.

Force composition

The player starts with 2 Recon bikes, 3 Rocket soldiers, and 3 Minigunners. Soon enough he is reinforced by 2 more Recon bikes, this time, however, instead of fighting GDI, the player fights Dinosaurs. The dinosaurs have 1 Triceratops, 1 T-Rex, and 1 Stegosaurus. Another thing to note is that even if the player chooses to play as the GDI in this mission, he still uses Nod equipment


Tiberian Dawn Missions
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