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The Strategy center was an important battlefield structure for the USA during the War against the GLA.


The strategy center was essential for the requisition and control of the most powerful and sophisticated weapons in the United States arsenal such as the Aurora bomber and the particle cannon. In addition, it granted a general access to several advanced upgrades that further augmented his forces' capabilities. The strategy center was also directly linked to the USA's network of spy satellites and allowed its personnel to periodically reveal all enemy positions.

Furthermore, the strategy center enabled a general to employ a single 'strategy' or 'battle plan' that improved certain characteristics of all ground units under the general's command. These were as follows:

Whenever one of these battle plans was chosen, the location of the strategy center, as well as the activated battle plan, would be revealed to opposing generals. Switching from one battle plan to another caused all ground forces to re-adjust their equipment and to be thus immobilized for a few seconds. If the strategy center was destroyed while a battle plan was active, the battle plan would be immediately cancelled and any bonuses conferred by it would be lost.

Although only one strategy center at a time could be built per general, capturing enemy strategy centers technically allowed a general to activate more than one battle plan. This made it possible to combine the effects of the three battle plans available at the strategy center. However, more than one strategy centers employing the same battle plan did not cause the bonuses they gave to 'stack'.

Strategy centers may be deployed near the front line and act as a powerful base defense due to its access to the 'Bombardment' strategy, which gave it a long-range cannon to deal with enemy ground units. This role is somewhat akin to that of the GLA's palace.

Support powers


Icon Upgrade Description
DroneArmorIcon.png Drone armor Improved drone armour by 25%
ZH Supply Lines Icons.png Supply lines
ZH Chemical Suits Icons.png Chemical suits
  • Improved protection for infantry against toxin attacks
  • Zero Hour only
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png Advanced training Units gained veterancy at twice the normal rate
Gen1 Composite Armour Icons.png Composite armour Improved tank armour by 25%
MOAB icon.png Mother Of All Bombs
  • Allowed the use of the Massive Ordnance Air Burst (a.k.a. 'Mother of All Bombs'), replacing the fuel air bomb support power
  • Zero Hour only


Selected Quotes

(Technical gibberish)
- When selected
Hold the line.
- When ordered to use Hold the Line
Search and destroy.
- When ordered to use Search and Destroy
- When ordered to use Bombardment


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