The Streams of Time is the last Soviet mission in Red Alert iPhone. In this mission, you have to defend the time machine for 10 minutes.

Mission Events\Walkthrough

Version 2.0 has a scarier AI so forget the first walkthrough.

Apocalypse Tanks are to be built only at the main base. Sell all structures near the radar tower to build more units.

Put all Tanks near the bridge. The Prism Tanks will keep on trying to destroy them, but the mighty power of the Apocalypse would destroy them anyway. 10 minutes later and you get a free nuke.

Use the nuke on any units coming to the bridge. Once the Allies give up attacking and rebuilding structures, destroy the main base. As Bronislav told you, "UNLEASH ALL HELL ON THEM COMRADE!!!"


The Soviets were able to successfully defend the base from Allied Forces. But, reinforcements were being sent so Bronislav went there himself to defend the other prototype. Unfortunately, Bronislav was killed and the Allies began to decimate the Soviets' defences. Anatoly, who was currently in the base decided to use the Time Machine and eliminate Einstein. But, as already proven before, the time travel caused unwanted side effects.

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