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RA3 Striker VX Icons.png RA3 Chopper VX Icons.png
Striker-VX / Chopper-VX
Internal name JapanAntiAirVehicleTech1
Affiliation EotRS logo.png Empire of the Rising Sun
Role Anti-air / anti-surface transforming mech
Armament Tenzai VX pulser-missile
Tier 2
Tech level 2
Amphibious No
Cost 1200
Build time 00:10
Produced by Mecha bay
Requires Mecha Bay Upgrade
Upgrades Advanced Rocket Pods
Abilities Transforms to Striker VX/Chopper VX
VX, all systems green!
- Striker-VX rolling out of the Mecha bay

The Empire of the Rising Sun is well known for its flexible vehicles; to assist them in their assault on the Soviet Union, they needed a vehicle that could destroy armored columns from the skies, as well as serve in the air defense role on the ground to support their ground forces. As a result, they designed the Striker-VX, a pilot-assisted mech that can spew out missiles into the air and transform into a helicopter (known as the Chopper-VX) to combat incoming ground targets.


They're right here, Command!
- Chopper-VX

In its Striker-VX form, it can only fire at aircraft with its surface-to-air missiles. In this mode, it can move around on land but, cannot move on water. Because of its relatively light weight, it cannot crush infantry with its feet, but grants them a faster walking speed, giving them a chance to run away from anti-armor units. It is the only land-based air defense unit of the Empire of the Rising Sun faction.

In its Chopper-VX form, it can destroy any vehicle, ship or structure below it easily. Although its missiles can destroy armoured targets faster than any other helicopter in the game, it is far less effective against infantry, especially when compared to its Soviet counterpart, the Twinblade. Since all of its firepower is directed towards the ground, it has no defense against aircraft, making them prime targets for air-superiority fighters.

Because of their maneuverability, they are very effective as scouts and also for raiding enemy stragglers and Ore Collectors and their ability to transform provides a degree of flexibility unparalleled by any other unit in the Soviet or Allied arsenal.

The Advanced Rocket Pods upgrade grants them a bigger rocket pod firing more powerful rockets, increasing their overall firepower against vehicles and aircraft.


RA3 Striker Mode Icons.png
Striker Mode The Striker-VX fires a volley of anti air missiles.
RA3 Helicopter Mode Icons.png
Helicopter Mode The Striker-VX fires a volley of missiles at ground targets.




  • Striker, standing by!
  • VX, all systems green!

Select in Striker mode

  • On watch!
  • Striker pilot!
  • All set!
  • In position!
  • Report!
  • Patrol!
  • Scanning!
  • Verticals clean!

Select in Helicopter mode

  • Verticals clean!
  • Anything down there?'
  • Clear view!
  • All set!
  • In position!
  • Report!
  • Patrol!
  • Scanning!


  • Go!
  • Secure the area!
  • Copy that!
  • Patrolling!
  • In motion!
  • On our way!
  • Yes sir!
  • Got it covered!
  • Scanning for enemies!
  • What do you see?


  • Release!
  • Rockets on!
  • Stop them!
  • Take them out!
  • Now!
  • That one!
  • Neutralize 'em!

Move to Attack in Striker mode

  • In the sky!
  • Aerial targets!
  • Target acquire!
  • Got 'em marked!
  • Safety's off!
  • Closing in!
  • Chambers locked!
  • We see them!

Move to Attack in Helicopter mode

  • Clear for strike!
  • On our scanners!
  • Going in!
  • Got 'em marked!
  • Safety's off!
  • Closing in!
  • Chambers locked!
  • We're see 'em!

In combat

  • Target in range!
  • Don't hesitate!
  • We have them!
  • They're right here, Command!
  • Engaged!
  • You can't miss 'em!


  • We're pulling out!
  • Get out! Get out!
  • Back to base now!
  • Fall back everyone!

Under fire

  • We're under fire!
  • Call for backup!
  • I'll need assistance!
  • Their on us!

Shot down in Helicopter mode

  • Burning up!
  • Oh no!
  • Suki!
  • Ahhhh...


  • During the intro, a Chopper VX transforms to Striker mode, but keeps the missile launcher rotated to the underside. The angle at which the missiles are fired suggest that the Striker can fire at ground targets, and the restriction in the game is due to balance.
  • If a Chopper VX is in the middle of an attack, and it is ordered to attack another target within screen. It will fire remaining missiles to it even when the target is out of range. The Chopper must be ordered to attack during the middle of its 6-missile attack.


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