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Stuttgart is one of the main cities in Germany and one of the first to be classified as a Yellow Zone. Following GDI's deployment of sonic emitter terraforming stations that destroyed the Tiberium in the area, it was declassified and declared a part of the New Eden Blue Zone.


About 950, Stuttgart was originally founded by Duke Liudolf of Swabia, one of the sons of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I the Great, and used for horse breeding. Later on (about 1300), Stuttgart became the residence of the counts of Württemberg. In 1496, the counts of Württemberg were promoted to dukes by the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. After Napoleon's breakup of the Holy Roman Empire, the dukes of Württemberg earned the title of kings and Stuttgart became a royal residence.

The name of the royal family of Württemberg and of the state originates from a steep Stuttgart hill, formerly known as Wirtemberg, nowadays called Württemberg. On top of that hill, the mausoleum from 1824 of Queen Katharina and King Wilhelm I of Württemberg is located.

Tiberium universe

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Stuttgart fell under a massive Scrin attack, which killed most of the civilians and military forces in the area, with only a handful of them remaining in hiding. When command uplinks were re-estabilished, Lt. Fullerton was the only member of GDI forces that continued to fight the battle on his own. By then the city was an urban ruin. Acting on orders from a high ranking GDI commander who guided him through the city, he managed to rally his troops and reactivate the GDI bases and sonic emitters in the area, eventually managing to capture the Scrin drone platform.

Generals universe

After successfully stealing the necessary toxins from the U.S. mainland, the GLA launched their attack on Europe, starting with Stuttgart using stolen Chinese weaponry. The GLA managed to drive all U.S. forces from Europe and occupy much of the continent.

A short while later, the Chinese retaliated, using their nuclear arsenal to deny the GLA use of high-tech U.S. weaponry. This begins China's campaign to remove the GLA from Europe.

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