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Captain Stuving is a Nod Navy Captain appearing in Renegade.


Captain Stuving joined the Brotherhood when he was rescued by them after his ship crashed on a desolate island, during what was to be a simple, three hour trip. Eventually, he was put in command of a large Nod freighter which serves as Brotherhood's mobile base of operations. His second in command was First Mate Gilligan.


He commanded the freighter with skill and efficiency, and eventually became one of the more important navy captains of the Brotherhood. However, when captain Nick Parker infiltrated his ship and went on a rampage, Stuving was caught in the fire and killed, ending his career.

The ship was sunk shortly afterwards.


His in-game description is a referance to his first mate Giligan and to the 1960s TV show Gilligan's Island. His first mate is a direct referance to Gilligan from the TV show, and his description says that he was shipwrecked when he was only taking a 3-hour tour, this is how Gilligan's Island (the story) began.


Stuving is a character Havoc kills in Stowaway to acquire his red access card. The captain is armed only with a pistol.


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