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The submarine pen is the USSR's ship construction facility during the Second World War.


The sub pen is a solid building, composed of a concrete, tetragonal triangle shaped dome built on eight supports embedded in the seabed with shipmaking facilities located underneath. Usually, they also hold data about the locations of all subs in active duty in the surrounding area, making them high priority targets for spies in operations that involve naval engagements. Should a spy infiltrate the building, the data can be accessed and a single sonar pulse discharged.

With the expanding of Soviet navy force during Third World War, it was phased out and replaced by the new Naval shipyard. During the Psychic Dominator Disaster, Yuri adopted its design into his own submarine pen.

Game building

The pen allows for standard submarines and their missile variants to be constructed as well as hover transports. It is also used to repair them.

Units produced

Icon Unit Requirements Ability
RAR Transport Cameo.png Transport none

Transports 5 ground units

RAR Submarine Cameo.png Submarine none
  • Cloaked when not attacking
  • Detects submarines
RAR Missile Sub Cameo.png Missile submarine

Cloaked when not attacking


DOS English French German
RA DOS SubPen icon.png RA1 Submarine Pen Icons.png RA SubPen FR cameo.png RA SubPen DE cameo.png

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  • A fake Sub Pen exists in the game files, but is unused in-game.
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