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I am but a humble transport!
- Sudden Transport

The Sudden transport is the Empire of the Rising Sun's amphibious infantry transport, first seen during the Third World War. It has the ability to disguise itself as other vehicles, whether friendly or not.


RA3 Empire Evacuate Icons.png
Evacuate Causes all infantry within the transport to leave immediately. This also causes the transport to lose its stealth.

In Battle

Someone has betrayed us!
- Sudden Transport under fire

The Sudden transport can be very useful when ambushing an enemy. Any commander who neglected a proper base defence may find a rather nasty surprise in the form of Imperial warriors, Tankbusters or shinobis pouring out of these transports in the middle of his/her base. This can cause considerable havoc and may serve as a useful diversion while a larger force attacks from another direction. A transport loaded with engineers may sneak into the middle of a base and capture vital facilities such as, say, the construction yard, severely crippling an enemy.

Sudden transports may also be used as a decoy. For instance, a mechanised group may be bolstered by cheap Sudden transports disguised as more powerful and expensive units to draw the enemy's attention away from another attack force, which would close in undetected while the enemy is dealing with what they believe is a large formation.

However, the Sudden transport has its drawbacks. While the disguise can fool most base defences and units, it is not entirely foolproof, and can be seen through by attack dogs, war bears and burst drones, causing it to lose its disguise. The disguise is also lost when troops leave the vehicle. Due to its fragility and lack of offensive or defensive weapons, Sudden transport surrounded by hostile units will likely be destroyed in a short time, although it is rigged to explode upon destruction.



  • I'll take you to the enemy's doorstep!


  • Everyone ready?
  • We must be patient!
  • Where do you seek passage?
  • We will arrive as one of them!
  • I am but a humble transport!
  • Our journey begins!
  • Transport setting out!
  • I will be your escort!


  • Right under their noses!
  • Cunning plan!
  • The journey is set!
  • I will take you there!
  • Let us be off!

When cloaking

  • Don't draw attention!
  • Be still!


  • Now!
  • Go!
  • It's time!


  • We must save the transport!
  • We must hurry!
  • To safety!

Under fire

  • They've detected us!
  • They know who we are!
  • Someone has betrayed us!
  • We are under attack!



  • The Sudden transport somewhat resembles a Starfleet shuttlecraft from Star Trek.
  • Humorously, if the user is battling an AI opponent and has no vehicles for the Sudden transport to adopt, they can disguise themselves as aircraft at ground level.
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