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Generals Bomb Truck

The infamous GLA Bomb truck can devastate even the Paladin and Overlord Tanks.

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General, These terrorists are chewing us up. Send support!
- USA Soldier in response to a suicide attack

Suicide attacks are attacks made to where the attacker is likely to die in the attack. In most cases the attacker detonates a bomb while within a close proximity of the target. During the GLA Conflict, suicide attacks are used almost exclusively by the GLA as most civilized state governments had ruled such attacks vile.

Suicide attacks were best known from the Terrorist, who wired explosives to themselves and wildly ran up to enemies before detonating the bomb. Dr. Thrax had his Toxin Terrorist lace their explosives with toxin to contaminate the area after the explosion had occurred.

Another implication of this tactic is the GLA's Bomb truck. These trucks were loaded with explosives and driven into enemy lines before detonating. To make matters worse, the GLA often disguised these vehicles as other vehicles, whether they be GLA or not, giving the opponent almost no time to brace themselves.

Rodall Juhziz was the most well known GLA leader for suicide tactics. Once one of his bases had enough revenue he often to elect what he called the Demolition upgrade, where he would equip all of his men, vehicles, and defensive structures with bombs so they could become suicide bombers at a moments notice.

Notable Units[]

Bomb Trucks! That's not fair!
- Ranger (Generals), about the Bomb Truck(src)