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CNCTW Fanatics Cameo

The Fanatics, Nod's suicide unit

- Overheard from a Fanatic squad, giving their lives for the Prophet

Suicide attacks are commonly seen tactics in which a person or vehicle sacrifices themselves to destroy a target. In most cases, the attacker detonates a bomb while within a close proximity of the target to achieve this.

In the Second World War, both the Allies and Soviets produced Demolition Trucks, AI driven vehicles that would detonate a small nuclear explosive once near a target. The MAD Tank will attack only by being deployed and it will sacrifice itself to release shockwaves.

During the Second Tiberium War GDI and Nod deployed Hunter-Seeker droids from the Seeker control and Temple of Nod respectively. The drone would attach itself to an enemy unit before releasing a powerful electronic charge destroying both itself and the target. The drone was exceptionally fast, and almost impossible to intercept.

A more morbid use came during the Third Tiberium War when Nod, using its religious propaganda, convinced people to become their fanatics. These intensely devoted individuals would run up to their enemies and detonate a Tiberium laced explosive, killing themselves and those around them. Fanatics could be infused with Tiberium, increasing their speed, toughness, and also making them immune to the corrosive effects of Tiberium.

However, Fanatics have no long-ranged weaponry, and anti-infantry units are extremely effective at neutralizing these threats. It is advised that Fanatics should attack in overwhelming numbers, and flood the enemy from all fronts. This would mean that even the best of rifle squads will eventually be overrun by these fanatical followers of Nod.

In the Ascension Conflict, it seemed the macabre art of suicide attacks have died out, with only the Visceroid able to carry out such self-sacrificial attacks.

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