Sunk Costs

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Sunk Costs

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Previous Overseer
Next Capture the Tech Centers
Part of Second World War
Location English Channel or
Southern France

Soviet victory

  • Allied navy destroyed
RAR Allies Logo.png Unknown
Game Red Alert
  • Destroy Allied naval base
Mission Transcript
RAR Soviets Logo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert and might contradict canon.
Intelligence indicates that a large portion of the Allied Naval Fleet will stop for refueling at a base in this area. Destroy the fleet and the base. Beware the long range of their cruisers.
- Mission briefing

Sunk Costs is the eleventh mission of the Soviet campaign for Red Alert.[1]


The mission takes place on two parts. The Soviet forces either choose the north to attack Great Britain or the south to destroy the Allied naval forces and take over the Mediterranean. Before Kukov arrived, Nadia gave the ruthless Gradenko some tea to drink in Stalin's briefing room. The Soviet Marshal was poisoned to death by the NKVD head as he laid dead on the table and Kukov later came in and showed Nadia the weapon that the Allies are working on.


The Allied navy was destroyed in fierce fighting against the Soviet submarine fleet in a matter of minutes. Stalin congratulated the Soviet Commander over the destruction of Allied naval forces. Following their victory, the Soviets discover the location of a Chronosphere near Seti, Switzerland. Determined to seize the Allied superweapon as a formidable companion to the Iron Curtain, Stalin orders the Commander to invade the once neutral country.


Submarine sinking a cruiser (mission accomplished cutscene)


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