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Sunrise is the fifth and final Imperial mission of Red Alert (iOS).

The Imperial Commander must defend the base with the Psionic Decimator for 5 minutes, and use the superweapon to destroy the Allies.


The recent chain of events have created a stir in the Allied chain of command. We do not know how much they know, but we do know of massive fleet movements coming our way...
- Yoshiro, in the briefing

Defending the Nanotech Mainframe[]

With the Allied threat looming, the shogunate has allowed the commander to use their secret weapon: the Psionic Decimator. However, a malfunction happened so the technicians in the Nanotech Mainframe asked the Commander to wait for 5 minutes before he can use it. Meanwhile, several tech buildings (i.e. a Veteran Academy, an observation post, and a hospital) were captured to help give the Empire an edge in defeating the Allies. Soon, the invasion begun...

Allied Invasion[]

The Allied defenders deployed a Prospector and started building a construction yard. Meanwhile Guardian Tanks (Time Travel has already happened so don't complain) and Javelin Soldiers started pounding the outpost at the southwest. Luckily the Commander trained some Rocket Angels to help stop them plus, he had Izumi to help kill them. Also, the tech buildings were lost as the Allies got an edge in the battle. And to make matters worse, "Mirage Tanks" were used by the Allies to deal with the Tsunami Tanks. But the Commander built Wave-force Towers to stop them.

The Psionic Decimator is finished[]

After 5 minutes of assaults, the technicians finished the decimtor. Though not as powerful as the Proton Collider or the Vacuum Imploder at that time, it still proved to be a weapon of great destruction.

Pushing back the Allies[]

With the Allies at bay, the commander started an assault of Wave-force Artillery and Tsunami Tanks. With Izumi's help, they destriyed the base. But the Allies started to fight back, so the Psionic Decimator was used to teach the Allies that the divine destiny of the Empire could not be destroyed.


Awakened, the other world powers see the unstoppable power of the Empire! As the sun rises, everybody prepares for all out war!
- Debriefing

With the Allied assault halted, the Empire was free to do as it wished. With the Commander that destroyed all attempts to disband the Empire, Vorkuta was invaded by the Empire of the Rising Sun. With this, a new war starts...

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