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Super Lotus agents were the better trained version of Black Lotus agents. Their rank may be Field Officer Class BB.


Fast Cash!
- Super Lotus

Exclusively deployed by General Shin Fai, all Super Lotus agents were deployed as veterans into combat. Apart from being deployed as veterans, they also had a number of advantages that made them vastly superior to basic Lotus agents deployed by other Chinese generals.

In short, Super Lotus hacked faster with an increased range. Just like Black Lotus, she is also stealthed and had the ability to detect others in a wide range.


Capture Building
Gen1 Black Lotus Capture Building Icons.png
Super Lotus hacks into an enemy building and assumes control of it.
Disable Vehicle
Gen1 Disable Vehicle Icons.png
Super Lotus uses a computer virus to disable a vehicle's electronics.
Cash Hack
Gen1 Cash Hack 1 Icons.jpg
Super Lotus hacks into an enemy Supply Center and steals up to $1000 from the enemy.
Disable Building
Gen1 Disable Building Icons.png
Super Lotus disables a building using a strong computer virus.

Game unit


Super Lotus here! Give me an update!
- Super Lotus after coming out of the barracks.

Just like basic Lotus agents, Super Lotus too lacks the destructive power of Colonel Burton and Jarmen Kell's abilities to subdue any infantry or manned vehicle instantly. Instead, Super Lotus relies on infiltrating bases where she can seize control of important buildings for the Chinese. With her increased rate of hacking and reduced time delay for other abilities, she could quickly take over an entire enemy base within a matter of minutes if left unchecked.


Super Lotus is still just as vulnerable as her basic counterpart, however, so she is open to attack from anti-infantry units and vehicles (although to a lesser degree thanks to her faster vehicle disable attack). Wary generals would quickly post Pathfinder snipers and scout units such as Listening Outposts and Radar Vans, all of which were an ever-present threat to Super Lotus agents when sneaking into bases.


see Black Lotus

Selected Quotes

Super Lotus here. Give me an update.
- When selected
Super Lotus.
- When selected
I'm quick.
- When selected


  • Super Lotus has the same audio as the normal Black Lotus, however, according to the games sound files, she was planned to have her own separate audio files, much like the Demolition Jarmen Kell.

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