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The Super Reactor is the Soviet Union's advanced power production structure in Red Alert 3 and its expansion, Uprising.


The Super Reactor is a massive power plant capable of fueling an entire city. It is also extremely volatile, and would explode violently if destroyed.

Poorly maintained Super Reactors can produce incredibly toxic chemical wastes, capable of melting flesh and bones almost instantly. This toxin is used by the Soviet military in the form of Desolator bombs and later, as the weapon of Desolator troopers.

Game structure

The Super Reactor costs $2000 to construct, and is capable of providing significantly more power per credit cost than a regular Reactor (5.71 credits per power unit compared to 8 credits per power unit for the regular Reactor). In addition, it allows commanders access to more power-intensive units and technologies, including Tesla Troopers, Akula submarines and Hammer Tanks. Like most structures, it can be constructed on water.

A Super Reactor will explode violently if it is destroyed, severely damaging any nearby units and structures, even aircraft. It will also leave behind toxic waste, lethal to infantry, after its destruction. Therefore, care must be taken to protect them, as they will likely be the priority target of enemy troops.

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