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The Super Tank is a heavily armed and armored vehicle that makes an appearance in the Allied campaign of Red Alert: The Aftermath.


The super tanks going out of control

super tanks attacking soviet base

A peculiar derivative of Soviet Mammoth Tank technology, the Super Tank is a weapon that was intended to dominate Allied armored divisions alone. Each Super Tank is said to be equipped with prototypical nuclear reactors, extremely heavy armor and oversized tank guns but is governed by a somewhat unsophisticated computer program that is housed on a Radar Dome. The Super Tank could represent the earliest form of military robotics.

They were designed by Dr. Demitri, who was unable to prevent them from going berserk when he defected, resulting in three prototypes rampaging through the proving grounds and the research facility, close to an Allied outpost. Allied Spies infiltrated the Radar Dome that operated the super tanks, and deactivated the tanks, shortly after they leveled a nearby Soviet Base.

Game unit

Engaging the super tanks is suicidal for the players troops so avoid them. Just infiltrate the radar dome and save Dr. Demitri instead of attacking the super tanks.

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