Superb Commander is the forty-third Commander's Challenge mission after the previous one, Ice Breaker and before High Seas Duel. Nikolai Moskvin and Kenji Tenzai have said to the Futuretech Commander that they will destroy the Commander's base in order to win for themselves. Kelly Weaver says that the Dreadnought is the unlocked tech that Moskvin has and tells the Commander to destroy his own garrison before he can fire missiles at the player, including Kenji's two military bases in the north.


Kelly Weaver sends the Commander to Brazil where he finds that both Moskvin and Kenji have established at least two bases each at the mainland's top and bottom parts of the map. The main objective for the Futuretech Commander is to steal Moskvin's Dreadnought and attack both him, and Kenji with his forces until they lose the challenge. Moskvin decides to retreat back to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to warn Vera about his defeat as Kenji ends his career in the Imperial military feeling red-faced and returns to Japan in utter disgrace. Both Takara in the Atlantic Ocean and Oleg Vodnik in India have decided to beat the Commander to his own knees for some surrender.

Briefing Information


  • Don't worry you get all three factions in this mission but the faction you choose will be the only one with it's Top Secret Protocols.
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