Supercharged particle beams

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KW gameicon.png
CNCKW Supercharged Particle Beams Cameo.png
Supercharged particle beams
KW Recnocker Bunker with The Enlightened.jpg
Enlightened firing from supercharged particle beam weapons from within Reckoners
Faction CNCKW Marked of Kane logo.png Marked of Kane
Research cost $3000
Research time 1:00
Hot key Ctrl+S

Supercharged particle beams are an upgrade available to the Marked of Kane subfaction of Nod. It grants Venoms with an increase in power and rate of fire, Enlightened with an increase in power, and shredder turrets with an increase in rate of fire and accuracy. The affected units fire bright white beams. The upgrade costs 3000 credits to purchase at the Tech lab. It replaces Nod's Spitfire laser capacitors and the Black Hand's Charged Particle Beams. It has been proven superior than Nod's counterpart when upgraded on Venom, dealing 275 damage rather than 228.


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