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Resistance is varied, but not united. Victory is assured!
- Supervisor commenting on GDI and Nod resistance while simultaneously fighting each other

The Supervisor is the designation of a Scrin official who oversaw Tiberium harvesting operations on Earth during the later stages of the Third Tiberium War.


According to intercepted Scrin transmissions, the Supervisor was a ruthless being that commanded Foremen conducting harvesting operations, including Foreman 371, but he did not hesitate to sacrifice his subordinates and the entire harvesting force to bring order among them.

After the destruction of Temple Prime in Sarajevo, the Scrin harvesting fleet detected a cataclysmic Liquid Tiberium explosion (Ichor-LQ detonation in Scrin terminology) on Earth and began preparations to start full-scale harvesting operations on the planet. However, there were signs that something was amiss. The spacecraft deployed by the harvesting fleet was attacked by the orbital ion cannon network and the Scrin AI recommended to cease the mission immediately. The Supervisor contacted Foreman 371 and ordered him to continue, despite objections from the AI. The AI informed that the indigenous population was able to cause significant damage to the harvesting force, but the Supervisor ordered diversionary tactics on major metropolitan areas and military facilities, forcing humans to defend their critical infrastructure. During these attacks, the Scrin harvesting force constructed the Relay Node and Threshold Towers in the barren Red Zones. The Supervisor dispatched Foreman 371 in Europe to destroy London in the United Kingdom and Munich in Germany.

Resisting a rebellion

REFORMAT YOUR SHIP, FOREMAN! Insubordination is unacceptable!
- Supervisor getting a little irritated with the Foreman's Mothership

The Overlord suspected that somebody had deliberately caused a Liquid Tiberium explosion to lure harvesting operations on Earth and demanded the Supervisor to commence investigations. The AI located the blast site in Croatia and Foreman 371 was send to confiscate all Tiberium-related data from the information facilities held by the Brotherhood of Nod. The data captured by Foreman 371 revealed the truth to the Scrin: the man behind the Liquid Tiberium explosion was Kane, who somehow already existed in the data core of the Scrin race, but his genetic material was unknown even to their vast scientific knowledge. The Supervisor became interested in Kane and ordered more investigation, but the AI recommended Foreman 371 to protect the Threshold in Southern Italy to assure Foreman 371's successful escape from the planet, as Threshold Towers throughout the globe were under serious attack. The Supervisor attempted to abort the order, as the Overlord desired more information on Kane, but the AI severed the communications link and the Supervisor lost contact with the harvesting force on Earth.

Foreman 371 was able to finish the Threshold and began his journey back to the Ichor Hub. Angered by the insubordination of the Foreman, the Supervisor contacted the Overlord and accused Foreman 371 of disobedience, but the Overlord seemed to have ignored this, only to state: Prepare a full invasion force. Earth. Will. Fall.

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