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Supply center
    Affiliation European Union
    Asia-Pacific Alliance
    Global Liberation Army
    Role Supply drop-off point
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    Incoming transmission...
    Supply center (Generals 2) contains upcoming content from Generals 2.
    The content may change substantially over time as more details are revealed.

    The Supply center is a structure used by all sides during the Second GLA War expected to appear in Generals 2. It is used as a drop-off point for collected supplies.

    There is a limit on how many collectors each commander can have for each supply dock. You can have up to 8 collectors for the GLA, 3 collectors for the EU, and 5 collectors for the APA


    Hightech Alloys This upgrade improves the armor of buildings with hightech alloys.
    G2 Logo EU.png European Union Second GLA War Arsenal G2 Logo EU.png
    G2 Logo APA.png Asia-Pacific Alliance Second GLA War Arsenal G2 Logo APA.png
    G2 Logo GLA.png Global Liberation Army Second GLA War Arsenal G2 Logo GLA.png