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A supply dock is a cache where a large amounts of supplies are stored. It appears in Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero Hour.


It provides all the necessary supplies to support generals' military operations. By default, a supply dock contains $30,000.

Game building

The supply dock acts as the primary source of income for all generals. In most cases, there are two such docks near every spawn point in skirmish games. Generals need to send their Chinooks, Chinese supply trucks or Workers to the structure, and then they will automatically collect supplies and return to the Supply Center or Supply Stashes to drop them off. These structures can be valuable targets for all commanders and it is not uncommon to see them surrounded by defences like Gatling Cannons.

They are indestructible, but cannot provide any more resources once depleted. Therefore, access to secondary funding methods, such as Hackers, Supply drop zones, and Black markets, are vital during the late stages of skirmishes.


  • The supply docks were supposed to be able to be damaged. They all have proper models for the damaged states, and still have coding for healing themselves after a while. This would have also caused frustration if player supply dock was destroyed by the enemy and the player was left with no supplies.
    • If the player fired at the Dock, however, the Dock will appear damaged visually, but neither will it be destroyed, nor would the supplies be damaged. The dock can be repaired so that it looks intact once again, but no life bar will be shown.
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