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When a base is isolated from its supplies, a Supply Drop Zone can add a trickle of supplies to your stores. Periodically, transport planes drop supplies that add to your money. In large or small battles, a Supply Drop Zone can make a difference.
- Generals manual(src)

The Supply Drop Zone is an American support structure in the GLA Conflict.

Game Structure[]

Upon completion, the Supply Drop Zone will call a shipment of UN Crates every 2 minutes, delivered by a C-130 Hercules. Each shipment is worth $1500, or $1650 with the Supply Lines upgrade. When the crates come into contact with any player-owned unit or structure, it is automatically collected, adding its contents to said player's balance. The Supply Drop Zone deducts power but does not require it to function, and it timer is not affected by EMP.

Occasionally, the crates will drift off course while descending and land a short distance away from the structure itself, and the player will have to manually send a unit to collect the crate. The crates can also be claimed by any other faction that reaches them first. If they drift into an adjacent building owned by the player, they will be collected as normal.




  • The supply drop zone was originally intended to be a tech building. A duplicate model file including the "tech building" flag exists in the game files.
  • If the crates drift into a supply dock or out of bounds, they cannot be retrieved.

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