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The supply stash served as the primary supply drop off depot for the GLA workers (with an income of $75 per drop off) where they could be stored and accessed when the GLA needed them. It also trained more workers.


The supply stash consists of an administration section that recruits Workers, main entrance, a workshop to process any "left over" and a series of tanks to storage various material. This building leaves a GLA hole when destroyed, so that it may be rebuilt at no cost.

All GLA generals can fortify the building against enemy attacks, while Prince Kassad can also stealth the building with Camo Netting as he learned to do with all GLA buildings. If he did so, all the Workers working at that Supply Stash also got camouflaged.

With the worker shoes upgrade form the black market completed, the amount of supplies carried at once is also increased, to $83 per drop off (from $75).





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