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Support Class is one of the three classes introduced to Tiberian Twilight. This class focuses on aircraft and support. Its units focuses on abilities that enhance other units and this is the only class with access to support powers. (Note: the Defense Class has access to the superweapons (Ion Cannon and Tiberium Missile.[1])

Each side has 15 support powers, which cost Support Points to use.[2]

Air units cannot capture TCN nodes.[3]

The Support class is the only class with access to Air units and even their crawler is airborne. As Air units cannot capture TCN nodes the primary task of a Support Class Commander is not to capture the TCN Nodes, but to eliminate the enemy units in the way of an Offense class Commander to make their task easier and to keep the enemy away whilst a Defense Class commander establishes a grid of turrets. The Support class has high mobility and can be from one point of the map to the other in essentially seconds. A Support commander must learn the intricities of their class to be truly succesful, and it could be called the hardest class to master.


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