The positional rank of Supreme Commander refers to the military officer who commands all the military forces of a nation or alliance. Similar to the position of Commander-in-Chief, the leader of all armed services of a nation. However, this was often referred to a civilian head of state or government, such as the President of the United States.

During the Great World War II, the Allied Forces choose Gunther von Esling as their Supreme Commander to lead their combined armies. By the start of the conflict, civilian governments were unable to coordinate efficiently or were otherwise defunct. As the only effective authority, Esling created a modified junta to govern the Allies. Following the war, Esling returned governmental control to their member governments.

With the formation of the Global Defense Initiative, the position of Supreme Commander was again the head of all GDI military forces. In the 1990s, the Supreme Commander was subordinate to the UN Security Council. In the mid-21st century, the Supreme Commander was subordinate to the Director-General. Finally toward the TCN conflicts, the Supreme Commander was subordinate to the General Secretary.

Within the Brotherhood of Nod, Kane serves as Supreme Commander and Head of State. During the Great World War II and the World War III, the supreme commander of the Soviet Red Army would be Generalissimus of the Soviet Union, a rank which only the Premier of the Soviet Union could receive.

The Empire of the Rising Sun had the word Supreme Commander to become the Supreme Shogun, a rank which is a memory from the old feudal Japan, there the highest shogun ruled before the emperor took the power in the 1880s. The supreme shogun was subordinate only to the crown prince and the emperor of the empire. There is little information, if none, on The Forgotten's rank system and as so, is unknown if they possess a Supreme Commander or not.

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