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Kosygin has indicated that this is the site of Stalin's main atomic weapons plant. Use extreme care in approaching the Soviet base -- we don't know if any atomic bombs are armed yet. Take the facility off-line and then destroy any atomic weapons that exist.
- Mission briefing

Suspicion is the first part of the tenth Allied mission in Red Alert. The Allied Commander is sent to destroy the nuclear missile silos targeting major European cities such as Paris, Berlin and London for destruction by Soviet Premier, Joseph Stalin.[1]


Vladimir Kosygin was rescued from Russia and helped the Allies to gradually win the war against the Soviets. He reveals to Gunther Von Esling that Stalin, in his speech, is planning a nuclear attack on two major cities of his choosing. Both Kosygin and Supreme Allied Commander want to prevent this from happening and sends the Field Commander A9 to raid the primary missile factory in southern Russia and use the "scorched earth" strategy. This is the first bit in a two-part mission to prevent Soviet forces from creating mass destruction across Europe.


Five actions in this battle will trigger the nukes to be launched:

  • If a unit comes close to the command centre
  • If either the command centre or a missile silo takes damage
  • If the Soviet base (excluding the air base in the northeast) loses more than 15 structures.
  • The base's Construction Yard is destroyed
  • The mission progresses longer than 30 minutes

When planning to assault the base, be sure you have your engineers ready to take the command center. Once you take the command center, the time left from this state will carry over to the next phase.

It is not recommended to destroy the entire base, as the longer the mission drags on, the less time you will have available to deactivate the nukes.


The Allies had managed to capture the Dark Horseman command post but at the same time the Soviets have launched nuclear missiles. With no time to spare, the Field Commander personally led a small team inside the underground missile complex to deactivate the missiles while his forces mopped up the last of the garrison resistance.


  • The Longbow and the Allied helipad are first available to build in this mission even though the Longbow introduced in the briefing of the later mission Takedown.


Helicopter landing next to an MCV (mission start cutscene)
Allies 10A - Suspicion


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