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The Swiss Confederation, or Switzerland, is a multiethnic, land-locked alpine country located in Western Europe with an area of 41,285 square kilometers. Prior to the events of the Tiberium Era, Switzerland was governed as a federal republic made up of 26 autonomous cantons. It is bordered by Germany to the north, France to the west, Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, and Italy to the south. The capital city is Berne.


Switzerland was originally formed from alliances between valley communities in the Alps to protect common interests, such as trade. The traditional date for the founding of Switzerland is 1291, when the rural cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden signed the Federal Charter. Its location in Central Europe meant that Switzerland was often involved in wars between major European powers. During the Middle Ages the Confederation expanded and grew in wealth and power. The military strength of the Swiss were legendary, and Swiss Mercenaries were employed throughout Europe.

Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Switzerland in 1798 and imposed a client state, the Helvetian Republic. The Congress of Vienna in 1815 re-established Switzerland as a fully independent state. The European powers also agreed to permanently guarantee Swiss neutrality.

Tiberium universe

With the arrival of Tiberium, Switzerland inevitably became caught up in the global conflict between GDI and Nod. By 2047, however, the country managed to evade the worst contamination of Tiberium, and was largely unaffected by the destruction during the First and Second Tiberium Wars. The capital city, Berne, was classified as a Blue Zone and was one of the biggest and fastest growing city in Europe, likely due to the influx of refugees from war and Tiberium-ravaged zones. A massive wall was erected to shield the city from outside threats, including Tiberium infestation.

The Third Tiberium War changed everything. Presumably Switzerland was one of the GDI-held Blue Zones attacked by Nod in the opening stages of the War. Worst was to come. When the Scrin invaded Earth, Berne was one of the first cities to fall in the onslaught. The city was obliterated by a Scrin Mothership, whose Catalyst Cannon caused a chain reaction which engulfed the city in a giant firestorm. The once-thriving city became a giant Tiberium field. The details of the city's last hours were described in horrific detail by a survivor of the attack, Martin Hoffesommer.

A GDI taskforce was eventually sent to retake Berne. This was done with great difficulty, since the Aliens not only deployed Storm Column defences, but also called in a second Mothership. A grand plan for the rebuilding of Switzerland is underway, although no one knows how long this will take, as many areas are so devastated by the Scrin attack and Tiberium encroachment they have now became Red Zones.

Red Alert universe

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Despite its historical neutrality, Switzerland was part of the Allies during the Third World War (III). The central Allied command center was located in Geneva, and it was attacked by the Soviet Commander and Oleg Vodnik following the United States' full commitment in the conflict.

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