Sydney Mobius is the daughter of Ignatio Mobius, she is a prominent Tiberium researcher and the deuteragonist of Renegade.


She is highly intelligent and enjoys intellectual pursuits, gaining a doctorate before reaching the age of thirty. Additionally, she is highly adept at computer sciences.


When the Tiberium meteorite hit, she begun research into the new mineral along with her father. Unlike him, she was more interested in using it as a weapon. She co-designed the Mobius Suit for safer research and later upgraded it.

Character development

She, along with her father and doctor Elena Petrova, was captured by Nod in Guatemala, who forced them to work on the human augmentation project, called Project ReGenesis. She and her father were shuffled between various Nod facilities before being rescued from a Black Hand research facility in a chateau occupied by Nod forces. She was unfortunately separated from her father and was escorted by captain Nick Parker to safety. She was nearly killed by Nod's hired mercenary Carlos Mendoza, but Havoc saved her by killing him just before he could reach her. Soon, Sydney and Havoc managed to reach safety, narrowly escaping a nuclear warhead.

She later volunteered to General Adam Locke to help Captain Parker locate her father. The General, contrary to captain's objections, allowed the young doctor to accompany him in the Mobius suit.

Soon after deployment, both were apprehended by Black Hand chameleons and placed in custody. While Captain Parker managed to escape imprisonment, he was unable to rescue Doctor Mobius, who was already sent on her way to the Cairo Temple of Nod to be subject to the final version of the ReGenesis augmentation procedure, to become truly "divine", as referred to the process by Kane.

While being subjected to the procedure, Capt. Parker intervened and upon killing Doctor Petrova who defected to the Brotherhood rescued her and escorted the doctor through the Temple. On the way, the doctor prevented the Temple's nuclear missile from launching by rewiring the blast door conduits and missile holding clamps, making it detonate within the Temple. Afterwards, she was reunited with her father.


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