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Tacitus Interruptus was a Nod attempt to recapture the Tacitus. The Brotherhood was successful but LEGION was unable to connect with the device due to Alexa Kovacs machinations, and eventually GDI recaptured the Tacitus.



Nod tracked the Tacitus to China. The artifact was being moved by a ZOCOM convoy to a port for shipment by sea. Kane ordered LEGION to intercept the convoy and retrieve the device. Alexa Kovacs duly conveyed the orders despite private misgivings of LEGION's continued evolution.


LEGION assumed control of a small Nod base in the operations area. The Tacitus was being transported within a modified MCV. The initial Nod attack managed to immobilize the MCV but failed to retrieve the device. GDI deployed the MCV to protect the cargo while the Nod threat was neutralized.


"I CANNOT allow you to connect with the Tacitus! I will not let you usher in an age of machines! I will not be your slave! I WILL NOT--!"
- Alexa Kovacs, taking out her fears on LEGION

Kane planned to connect the Tacitus with LEGION. However, Alexa Kovacs infected LEGION with a virus before this could be done. Kovacs revealed herself as a traitor and threatened Kane with a pistol before shooting herself.

LEGION was damaged and shut down. It reactivated after the Third Tiberium War in 2052. In the interim GDI recaptured the Tacitus.

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