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The Tactical Nuke MiG is a modified Chinese MiG unique to General Tsing Shi Tao in Zero Hour.


What some might call overkill, this nuclear-obsessed general calls a frontline fighter, whose missiles are tipped with small nuclear warheads. Despite their unique munitions, their overall design remains mostly unchanged from the mainline MiG fighter.


Upgrade migarmor
MiG Armor Upgraded MiGs' armour. Developed at the Chinese air field for a cost of $1200.
CNCG Tactical Nuke Mig Cameo
Tactical Nuke MiG Equipped the MIG with a far more devastating nuclear payload. Developed at the missile silo for a cost of $2000. Only available to General Tsing Shi Tao.

Game Unit[]

Serving as General Tao's replacement to the standard MiG fighter, this variation was equipped with more powerful nuclear warheads as opposed to incendiary missiles, once the "Tactical Nike MiG" upgrade is researched. These were quite effective against both enemy infantry and armor, and the residual radiation posed a threat to any infantry passing through the area. Like conventional missiles, they could be used against ground or air targets alike.

Vehicles struck with the warheads often were thrown into the air and flew a short distance, while infantry were blasted cleanly off the battlefield. Vehicles that land upside-down, on impassible terrain, or in water would be instantly destroyed, regardless of their armor.


Against aircraft however, the MiGs' explosive warheads become something of a liability - their increased blast radius sometimes meant that they become co-victims of their own weapon.

Much like the shells fired by the Nuke Cannon, the missiles will impact any obstructions and prematurely detonate. This can sometimes destroy the MiG if its target is too close to, for instance, a civilian building, in the flight path.

Additionally, the armor of the MiG did not see any improvements under General Tao, and they were as easy to down as the standard MiG. The MiG Armor upgrade somewhat mitigated this, but the aircraft were still relatively fragile. Their missiles could also be defeated by an American point-defense laser, and because each MiG carried only two warheads, they were unlikely to prevail unless used in great numbers.

Despite the overall superiority of the nuclear payload, the napalm of the original MiG is superior against targets like the Stinger Site because of napalm's ability to immediately incinerate infantry.



  • Though the Chinese arsenal possesses other nuclear weapons (Nuke Cannon, Nuclear Missile, etc.), only the blast of an upgraded Tactical Nuclear MiG will displace enemies.
    • Due to how MiGs can target both ground and airborne units, enemies (typically infantry) can be struck again in midair, sending them even further away from the ground.
  • The Tactical Nuke MiG's icon is identical to its normal equivalent.
  • Despite being unable to benefit from the Black Napalm upgrade, its icon is still erroneously attached to the unit. This has been corrected in later patches.

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