Rumors abound that the Soviet Iron Curtain is nearing completion. In addition, an even more powerful version of that weapon is also in the works. One research facility is more protected than the rest - find out why. Capture all technology centers, and destroy any Iron Curtain prototype that you encounter. Our newly developed Longbow Helicopter should be able to assist your attacks.
- Mission briefing

Takedown is the thirteenth mission of Allied campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert.


The Allied Forces were closing in on Moscow. However the Soviets had finally perfected the development of the Iron Curtain despite the original version's destruction. According to Field Marshal Gunter von Esling, the prototype is a far more powerful version of the original. The structure is located in a large research facility. A second facility also exists, but is fairly smaller and moderately defended; if its Command Center is destroyed, a chain reaction will occur causing all power plants and a few structures to blow up, although this is not the case for the main facility.

Once again, a small Allied force and an MCV will land South of the map, between both facilities. A spy is included, but the objective is to capture the Soviet Tech Centers. The Allied base would be attacked from both sides and constantly harassed from the air. To make things more inconvenient for the Allies, a civilian town exists West of their base, resulting in congestion. The nearby church, if destroyed, will have a crate containing credits. Be warned that a missile silo also exists in the larger research facility. The mission is a failure if either Soviet Tech Center is destroyed before it is captured.


A cruiser will clear the way for your transports to move in. Clear out the area and deploy your MCV and make sure you have defences on both sides as you will be attacked from both flanks. The key to victory is controlling the sea in the north as you will be able to build Cruisers yourself. The base to the west has the Iron Curtain as well as a Missile Silo and they will drop a nuke on your base, if your difficulty setting is medium or hard; targeting your Tech Center, so keep the Tech Center away from your power and key buildings. Beware of the mammoths that will be protected by the iron curtain.



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