Slavik (Unit on Battlefield, Nod mission: Villanness in Distress):


This implies that the player is assuming the role of CABAL.

The commands from the player are routed through CABAL, because he is the all-coordinating AI. CABAL's voice also lets you know when your base is under attack and stuff. Unless of course this is supposed to be the voice in your head or you talking to yourself :-)

I assume you are not talking to yourself since 'You' are supposed to be Slavik- note that in the briefing, CABAL mentions that it is 'you' who are trapped in Prison. Also remember that the cyborg commando did not bring any extensive command equipment with him on that truck, as it would have been visible, and it is not shown. Plus, it would have been just plain strange to talk to yourself, and would open up a secondary can of worms involving why don't you just move, why do you have to order yourself to move. Just my 2 cents. --Dthaiger 01:17, 25 May 2006 (UTC)

Warning Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform damaged

if you stand still in C&C renegade in the temple of nod you can hear a voice say (the titel), that means cabal was already in the first tiberium war... and created by Kane.

About that edit by Dadman148

Sorry, but I had to do a rollback because what you wrote is just not correct. CABAL was not created by GDI - EVA was and Nod stole an EVA unit during the Firestorm crisis. Furthermore, CABAL would not infiltrate his own cyborg production facility. This last paragraph by the way refers to the final Nod movie in FS, where Kane and CABAL are linked (Kane's body being in a stasis chamber of some kind). --Agaiz 10:10, 20 August 2006 (UTC)

Removed Logarithmically Engineered Governing Intelligence of Nod

Contrary to what I said on the LEGION talkpage, I removed reference to what LEGION stands for here. It's just too crazy to let it sit on this article. Even if nobody believes what I said over on the LEGION talkpage, the whole Logarithmically Engineered thing will not be found by anyone anywhere in the canon material, so it shouldn't be in the article. Cranec 08:42, September 9, 2009 (UTC)

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