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As a low tech unit, M998 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles, traced their lineage to before Tiberium was discovered on earth, and entered the First Tiberium War with little change to their basic design. Basically, Humvees were fully enclosed units with reinforced windows and a powerful engine, and they were armed with a roof mounted 7.62 mm M-60 machine guns, though in rarer cases, a .50 caliber machine gun or a TOW launcher could be mounted on top.

Humvees were used in the first Tiberium War by the GDI, and proved very effective in the anti-infantry role. The M-60 was highly ineffective against armored targets, although against structures it could be massed. A large group of Humvees would slowly wear down a structure's armor. Although not as fast as the Nod Buggy, Humvees made up for it with heavier armor, while still being reasonably fast and were able to take out large numbers of buggies. The heavier armor made for a more expensive unit overall. Unfortunately, the armor was not heavy enough to sustain tank bombardment. Generally, Humvees were used as light recon units and anti-infantry support, although they could also be used as escorts for APCs if necessary. As an extremely low-tech unit, Humvees were deployed with most GDI task forces during the First Tiberium War. GDI commanders used them against most Nod light infantry in skirmishes.

Nod's Obelisk of Light, as a powerful one hit strike, was sufficient to destroy a Humvee in a single shot. Rocket Bikes were also suited for attacking them, being fast enough to catch a Humvee, and having anti-armor rockets, but their lack of armor meant that the M60 machine gun was often a more than effective counter to this approach. Light tanks could certainly do the job, but were too slow to catch Humvees and destroy them. Flame tanks, owing to their combination of relatively low speed and short range weaponry, were generally not used against Humvees, and in any case would be highly ineffective. Rocket soldiers, being armed with TOWs, were also a harsh threat in groups, though their weak armor made them easy pickings otherwise.

The basic Humvees were phased out as newer models were created towards the end of the First Tiberium War (such as the one on the right), with improvements like the M60 being placed on a remote weapons station providing better safety for the crew. Later the Humvees on replaced in full with Wolverine walkers for recon and anti-infantry roles and later, new Pitbull ATVs fulfilling the Humvees' non-combat roles, though not used on the front lines. However, due to their simplicity to operate and general effectiveness, a number of these vehicles could be seen being used as late as after the Third Tiberium War. However by then, it was not really a military vehicle so much as civilian/Forgotten transportation.

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