General's Chanlange

When fighting this guy you will lose some units just use stuff that finds hidden units and use artiliray he has 2 bases and that gets anoying

my advice for beating Kassad.

Even though he can camouflage his entire base with Camo Netting, Kassad is actually the weakest of the GLA generals (he has no tanks and Scud Launchers). Get enough scouts or radar in your attack force and he will be easier to defeat than the other GLA factions. General Shin Fai is his greatest weakness because the Assault Transport and Attack Outpost can reveal stealth and attack at the same time. Just make sure you build a lot of them and guard important areas in case he tries to rebuild. According to my weakness chain, infantry beats stealth.

For a faction, Kassad is lousy most of the time. His attack force lacks armor and Scud Launchers, so you have to rely on speed and some tricks to beat the enemy (like infiltration or hijacking tanks). The best combo I can use is Battle Bus, Quad Cannon and Rocket Buggy. Bomb Trucks are good for a first wave, so use them before sending in your main attack forces. Always use Sneak Attacks and GPS Scrambler before you rush the enemy's base.

Ranger-X, gamer and strategist 05:25, July 23, 2016 (UTC)

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