Rewrote article to be more neutral and less certain about the details.

I rewrote the insanely pro-GDI and blatantly innacurate original article.  There is no indication that there were GDI peacekeepers in the village, nor that GDI forces there had any kind of a peacekeeping role.  In fact the briefing says explicitly that the GDI forces were escalating the war.  Also the GDI forces will as a matter of course exterminate the Nod village if they can. 

It is quite likely actually given that Chad was a neutral country at the time that none of the forces faced by the Nod were actually formally GDI at all but instead are just the other side in the civil war that had been armed BY GDI which is what they are talking about with them escalating the war. 

Slayer of Cliffracers (talk) 23:48, April 11, 2013 (UTC)

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