General Shin Strategies

General Shin Fai has one of the best factions in Zero Hour. I like to think of him as China's version of the Air Force General: he has no main battle tanks but he does have specialized aircraft. However, he doesn't need tanks when he has three kinds of transport vehicles that can do the job better. He can pack his Assault Helixes full of infantry and swarm the enemy's base. His Assault Troop Transports (I call them Assault Crawlers) and Attack Outposts both detect stealth, so he has an easy time fighting Kassad, the Stealth General.

He also has two kinds of anti-air soldiers, so that means his base is more dangerous to aircraft than any other faction's. Being able to train Hackers at the veteran level means he has a better economy than any other faction, plus the Hackers are camouflaged. I love this faction!

Ranger-X, gamer and strategist 15:20, January 21, 2017 (UTC)

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