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The Tank Bunker was a defensive structure used by Yuri's forces during the Psychic Dominator Disaster.


Vehicles can drive onto the bunker pad and be surrounded by walls raised from the ground. Once inside, the vehicles become immobile, but still have full use of their weapons. The bunker provides protection against ground assaults, but not against air attacks or superweapons. The Chronosphere can also be used to chronoshift the tank inside and outside the Tank bunker.

The tank bunker can only be loaded with small to medium-sized ground vehicles. Larger vehicles, such as Battle Fortresses and Masterminds cannot utilize the structure. An ore miner is also prevented from entering it. A vehicle must be within the structure before the wall is raised.


The tank bunker gives Yuri's forces a much-needed anti-vehicle defense, as the Gattling cannons are weak against vehicles, and Psychic Towers can be overrun by a large group of enemies. This, coupled with the versatility that they offer, makes tank bunkers an often-overlooked tactical advantage. They can also act as a manual door, as they can raise their wall as a barrier against rushes.

Another useful feature of tank bunkers is the fact that they consume no power; for a sacrifice in cost and ground space, one can garrison a Gattling tank in the bunker to achieve a defense identical to, if not stronger than, a Gattling cannon. Interestingly, such combination has the same price of the cannon.

In conjunction with Psychic Towers or any mind controlling unit, one may use the mind controlled vehicles of other sides to further improve defenses; this makes the tank bunker handy in many ways (e.g. a mind controlled Apocalypse Tank with the protection of a tank bunker makes it a hardy and effective defense against vehicles and aircraft). Although the mind controlled units can be freed, they will be trapped in the bunker until the vehicle frees itself by destroying it or its owner unwittingly unloads it, which makes it vulnerable to mind control once more or destruction if the commander no longer needs them.

When facing Yuri Prime, somehow an empty Tank Bunker may be controlled and sold out, but a loaded Tank Bunker is immune to that.



  • Interestingly, the Tank Bunker's cameo shows it holding a tank which resembles the Soviet Rhino heavy tank instead of any vehicle in Yuri's arsenal.
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