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The Tank Drop is a promotional ability available only to Chinese General Ta Hun Kwai, famous for his heavy reliance on armoured divisions.


Similar to the Paradrop used by the United States and fellow General Fai, the Tank Drop involves the deployment of units by air; however, in this case, the units deployed are tanks, specifically Battlemasters.

There are three levels:

  • Tank drop 1: 1 Battlemaster
  • Tank drop 2: 2 Battlemasters
  • Tank drop 3: 4 Battlemasters

Tank Drops are most useful for taking the enemy by surprise. Since even at its most advanced level the number of tanks dropped is relatively small, it is unwise to drop tanks into a hail of enemy missiles. However, the Tank Drop can potentially turn a battle if used from a flank. Of course, it is also useful for providing free reinforcements.


The selection pictures of the Tank Drop are found in the file where the American selection pictures are stored. On top of that, they depict American Crusader tanks, rather than Chinese Battlemaster tanks. This suggests that originally the Tank Drop was supposed to go to America, but since it does not really fit any of the factions, it may be either a relic of the prototype (which had an American Tank General), or a sign that the developers wanted to resurrect this idea for the expansion pack.


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