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Let's melt some metal!
- Tankbuster

The Tankbuster is the Empire of the Rising Sun's anti-vehicle infantry.


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Game unit

Unlike the Allied Javelin soldier and the Soviet Flak trooper, the Tankbuster cannot attack aircraft, leaving the Imperials defenseless against air attacks until they can build Mecha Tengus or Defender-VXs. To compensate for this, Tankbusters deal slightly more damage and have a longer range than their Allied and Soviet counterparts.

The greatest advantage to using the Tankbuster is his Burrow ability. The Tankbuster can burrow into the ground quickly, making immune to being crushed and reducing the damage he takes. The Tankbuster is a great unit for ambushes and the Burrow ability is especially useful when a group of Tankbusters are attacked by enemy vehicles, in which a commander can micromanage their borrowing and force the enemy in a whack-a-mole situation.

Tankbusters can be countered by conscripts and peacekeepers.





  • No enemy is too big!


  • Cut through armor!
  • Need something slagged?
  • Be still!
  • Keep watch!
  • Did you hear that?
  • Let's melt some metal!

Selected when Burrowed

  • Shhh!
  • Waiting...
  • Ambush ready!
  • We're in position!
  • Do you see anything?
  • Taking aim...
  • Oh... he's toast!
  • He's in my sight!
  • Under cover!


  • Go!
  • This way!
  • Make haste!
  • Over here!
  • Come on!
  • No resting!
  • Keep moving!

Garrisoning Structure

  • We will wait there!
  • Inside, hurry!
  • Go, go!


  • Till there's nothing left!
  • Cut them open!
  • Take them out!
  • Get them!
  • Slice them up!
  • Blast them!
  • Melt them down!

Attacking when Burrowed

  • Now!
  • Aha!
  • Suckers!
  • Gotcha!
  • Haha!
  • Attack!

Move to Attack

  • Stalking prey!
  • A suitable target!
  • Going after them!
  • Get closer!
  • I got them!
  • We can handle it!

In combat

  • They'll never defeat us!
  • Muramasa, FULL POWER!
  • Steady...!
  • We have them, right here!
  • Got them cornered!

Under fire

  • Ow, ow...!
  • We got to hide!
  • They're attacking!
  • Ow, argh!
  • OW!!

Behind the scenes

  • The armor worn by the Tankbusters resemble the traditional armour worn by Japanese Ashigaru.
  • In the Red Alert 3 introduction cinematic, a Tankbuster is seen wearing a face mask when he comes out of the ground. However, they do not wear masks in-game.
  • They somewhat resemble the Scrin's Disintegrators in that both are anti-armor units that possess beam weapons and cannot attack aircraft.



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