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- Tanya

Tanya in RA2 is a military officer, her skills rivaling those of the famed US Navy SEALs. Agent Tanya was very similarly equipped as in the previous war, wielding C4 and pistols, but now, she was also trained to swim long distances, which allowed her to plant C4 onto enemy ships. Furthermore, she self-healed at a slow rate due to improved provisions.

After the Soviet Union was defeated she was trained to resist mind control in case they had to combat it again. She also was trained in using her C-4 on moving enemy vehicles.

Tanya in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge was played by Kari Wuhrer.


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That one will go up real good!!
- Tanya

As before, Tanya lacked respect for even high-ranking military and political leaders, once notably insulting European leaders that President Dugan was attempting to ally himself with. However, Tanya had respect for General Carville. Later on, she was rumored to have developed a relationship with the Allied Commander who eventually succeeded Carville as Allied Supreme Commander.

In Red Alert 3 she was once again lacked respect for even high ranking military leaders.

Deployment History (Red Alert 2)

I'm so good!
- Tanya

As before, Tanya was deployed many times over the course of the conflict. She took out Soviet positions in New York, saved the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and destroyed Soviet Nuclear Missile bases on the border with Western Europe, amongst other important tasks. She personally infiltrated the Kremlin and captured Romanov during the Battle for Moscow.

During the Psychic Dominator Disaster, she once again partook in several important missions, particularly in destroying the San Fransisco Psychic Dominator and rescuing Einstein when he was being held in Egypt. This time she is a massive threat to tanks and anything on the ground and immune to mind control.

Behind the scenes

Tanya was played by unknown.

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