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Tanya is the Allied commando unit in Red Alert (iOS).


Tanya was only deployed three times by Eva and the commander. Her first deployment was considered a failure since she didn't get any information. Luckily a Ray Copter came and blasted the Heavy Tanks. Soon she was sent to rescue some Javelin Soldiers and get information from a nearby battle lab. She got the information this time, but the Soviets were hot on her trail. The Commander ordered a German engineer (based on its color) and Tanya killed some Flak Troopers trying to destroy the Appollo. She also accompanied the Commander in the final mission, killing Bronislav and Making the Allied Base useful again. After Anatoly's Trip to 1927, Tanya saw redeployment this time against A Freakish Mother Russia and some Slimy Japanese dorks.

Tanya Mobile Cutscene

Tanya during cutscenes

Game unit[]

She is extremely superb against Infantry. She also retains her C4 Explosives albeit she used her old ones and thus can only blast buildings. She can blast barrels in a long range to eradicate any enemy unit. Her only weaknesses are Aircraft, Tanks and Defensive Structures.

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