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This article is about the character. For other uses of "Tanya", see Tanya.

Tanya is the name of Allied commando in the Red Alert universe. The fact that "Tanya" looks physically different yet at relatively the same age in different conflicts, despite decades of time passing between wars, seems to suggest the designation "Tanya" may be a military codename used by different people over time rather than a proper name.


Red Alert[]

For the in-game unit, see Tanya (Red Alert 1).

Tanya Adams is a civilian "volunteer" (i.e. mercenary) working either for or with the Allied cause during the Second World War. The commando enjoys the patronage of General Gunter von Esling who regards her as a valuable field agent. General Nikos Stavros was initially uncomfortable with her civilian status, but eventually accepted her.

Tanya is highly disrespectful of military authority; when General Stavros expressed concern over her civilian status, she cut him off with the comment "That's why I don't get killed". The only reason why she didn't get kicked out of the military was because she possessed skill which matched her defiant personality.

Second World War[]

Tanya Adams is a major character during the course of the Allied campaign. Under the direction of Field Commander A9, Tanya rescues Professor Einstein from a Soviet research facility and subsequently demolishes key bridges to impede the enemy advance in Eastern Europe.

However, while gathering intelligence in enemy territory Tanya is captured and Von Esling orders an immediate retrieval operation, led by A9. A spy infiltrated the prison and managed to halt the commando's imminent execution. Tanya's interrogator and would-be executioner mortally wounds the spy but the diversion is enough for the commando to use the pistol thrown to her by the spy to free herself. After knocking out the six SAM sites guarding the prison she is evacuated by a Chinook. Tanya's intelligence alerts the Allies to the Soviet Iron Curtain project.

After A9's troops infiltrated the Dark Horseman complex following the launch of four nuclear missiles, Tanya joined the field commander's forces and helped deactivate the missiles already in flight. She then spearheaded the final push on Moscow by helping clear the way for Allied thieves to steal funds at a nearby Soviet outpost to allow A9 to build a base and enough firepower to defeat the last of the Soviet forces.

RAR Soviets Logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert and might contradict canon.

In the Soviet campaign of Red Alert, an alternate scenario happens - Tanya infiltrates a nuclear reactor deep within Soviet territory and sets it to overload, in a desperate attempt to stall the offensive. However, the Soviet Commander manages to lead his forces inside the complex and kill her, saving Mother Russia.

RAR Allies Logo The following is based on the Allied campaign of Counterstrike and might contradict canon.

In Counterstrike, Tanya ensures General Stavros' safety and evacuation in Greece as the country fell to the Soviet offensive.

Red Alert 2[]

For the in-game unit, see Tanya (Red Alert 2).

Tanya is an Allied female commando who operates during the first and second iterations of the Third World War.

Like her predecessor, Tanya was often ready to confront even high-ranking military and political leaders, once notably losing her temper at General Réne Lyon in front of President Dugan and the European Council. Tanya seemingly had poor relations with General Carville, though she regarded him a competent general and was on record for missing him during Operation Time Shift.

Initially, Tanya had little faith in the Commander that she was assigned to and even lightly mocked him. However, after the first few missions under his command, she began to appreciate the Commander to the point that she refused to work under any other commander during Operation Dark Night. After the mission was completed, General Carville commented that he had never seen Tanya stick her neck out for anyone. When she was sent on another mission, she told the General to convey to the Commander her regards. Later, during Operation Free Gateway, she expressed her concern over the effects the psychic beacon would have on her and her squad, but assured the Commander that she trusted his command. By the end of the Third World War, she developed a love interest for him.

Third World War, first iteration[]

Tanya RA2 Cine1

Tanya during the first iteration of the war

The Soviets performed a surprise invasion of the United States, leading to them overrunning Allied positions across the eastern coast. In this time of emergency, President Michael Dugan instituted the Lazarus Protocol and General Ben Carville quickly worked to defend against the enemy forces. Special Agent Tanya was assigned to work with one of the few Allied Commanders who were still in service. At the time, the Soviets had made an invasion of New York and made a move for Manhattan island, where Tanya entered the field to clear the area and re-establish communications with the Fort Bradley base.

Shortly thereafter, Tanya was relocated to Colorado Springs, reporting to General Carville that General Vladimir had taken the Air Force Academy there. Displeased with the pace at which she reported, Carville ordered the Commander to "dig Tanya out of the hole she dug for herself" and make her useful - much to Tanya's annoyance and before she could respond, the General cut the line. The Academy and its belonging base were reclaimed and Soviets were driven out.

Once these victories were achieved, Tanya was called in during a video conference between the Allied Commander, President Dugan and the European Council about the possibility of an aid package for the United States, in the form of supplies and soldiers, following Vladimir's nuclear strike on Chicago. Before this could be arranged, the European Council requested that Tanya destroys two nuclear missile silos on the German-Polish border. French general Réne Lyon was prepared to take command, but Tanya refused to follow orders from anyone other than the Commander, under the excuse that there was "no time to train [Lyon]". President Dugan reluctantly agreed, and Tanya succeeded in the mission.

Tanya was later sent on an off-screen mission by the time the Pentagon was retaken. After this was done, she was dispatched to the occupied St. Louis to destroy a psychic beacon that had enslaved the local population and reclaim the area from the Soviets.

During the battle for Moscow, Tanya personally infiltrated the Kremlin along with a team of GI's in order to capture Alexander Romanov. After breaking through into his office, she discovered that his aides had attempted to dress up one of his underlings as the Premier in a weak attempt at evading capture. Tanya knocked out the imposter and discovered Romanov hiding under his desk in his underwear and vest. With his capture, Tanya posed long with her fellow soldiers for a picture taken by the Westwood Journal, Timely magazine, Bunderswag newspaper and Bleakly magazine which published articles about the end of Third World War, ridiculing Romanov.

With the end of the conflict, Tanya met the Commander at an airbase where she informed him of the victory gala at the White House, to which they were both invited, and told him to take a shower.

Third World War, second iteration[]

After Yuri revealed himself right before his attempt at conquering the world with his network of Psychic Dominators, Tanya was among the few who were unaffected by the initial shockwave, as the San Francisco area was supposed to be controlled by a Dominator that was rendered powerless after its reactor was damaged in an Allied air raid. She joined Eva Lee and Albert Einstein in the time machine. After going back in time, she swam to Alcatraz island to destroy the Dominator while it was still under construction. Later during the conflict, she assisted the Commander in rescuing Albert Einstein in Egypt.

After Yuri's defeat, Tanya once again invited the Commander to the victory gala at the White House, but was interrupted by Lt. Eva who did the same, after which she complained to Einstein that the timeline was not set straight.

RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Yuri's Revenge and might contradict canon.

In the Soviet campaign, after Boris's team destroyed the Psychic Beacon in London, Tanya joined them in the fight against Yuri.

Red Alert 3[]

For the in-game unit, see Tanya (Red Alert 3).

Tanya is an Allied female commando who operates during the third iteration of the Third World War and the Uprising.

Third World War, third iteration[]

Tanya torturing a Soviet commander with a knife

Tanya torturing a Soviet commander with a knife.

In the Allied Campaign she was introduced by President Ackerman as a woman who can kill in many different ways, and the Commander is advised not to get on her bad side. She participated in the liberation of Cannes fighting alongside the Allied Commander and fellow American Warren Fuller. In Heidelberg she requested help from Lissette Hanley and the Commander against the core of the Soviet Headquarters. After the Soviet threat had been thwarted, she resumed her duties.

When the ERS declared war on both the Allies and the Soviets, the two mortal enemies formed an alliance to defeat the upstart superpower. She worked with Natasha and hated her from the start, though started taunting her herself when she demonstrated that she can more quickly dispatch enemy fighters (albeit at a closer range). Additionally, she helped four Soviet engineers capture several Imperial Instant Generators during the Allied-Soviet operation The Unfathomable Fortress, in order to disable the guns on the Floating Fortress.

Hey, Natasha, it looks like I *am* the better soldier!
- Tanya

She also joined forces with the Allies to put a stop to Ackerman's madness. Tanya congratulated the Commander for eliminating the US President and thus not compromising freedom convictions. She reported to Field Marshal Bingham that the Imperial Shogunate were meeting together at one place in Tokyo and that they could capture them, forcing the Empire to surrender. She also showed an attraction towards the Commander and scolds Lt. Eva when the intelligence officer flirts with the Commander. Tanya actively fought against the remnants of the Communist leadership at Leningrad.

After the campaign ends she dressed up in a black dress to ask the Commander out, unaware that her rival Eva was also asking the Commander to go out with her for dinner.

RA3 Soviet logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 3 and might contradict canon.

In the Soviet campaign, she appeared in the last mission Blight on the Big Apple defending the Statue of Liberty. Just like her GWIII counterpart, she destroyed the four Soviet Dreadnoughts attacking the capitalist monument. Ultimately, however, she was killed in battle. Commander Moskvin commented on her courage if his forces kill her (or if the commander kill her using a Top Secret Protocol), or expressed his anger that she deserved worse if the Soviet commander kills Tanya before him.

EotRS logo The following is based on the Imperial campaign of Red Alert 3 and might contradict canon.
Oh, you aren't doing so well. Is this your... first time?
- Tanya mocking the Imperial Commander

In the Empire campaign, she led the Allied forces at Santa Monica in repelling the Imperial offensive, but ultimately failed to stop the Empire from capturing the city and turning its media centers against the Allies. She also fought the Imperial forces during their invasion of Amsterdam by the Imperial Shogun who killed her brutally.

The Uprising[]

Tanya remained active during The Uprising. When rogue Imperial commander Kenji Tenzai activated a stolen Technology inhibitor and disabled all of the Allied vehicles in the battlefield, she was paradropped in along with a team of Allied infantry reinforcements to apprehend him.


Red Alert 2[]

Oh, she's not kidding, commander. If we don't move fast enough, we'll all become slaves to Romanov and his slimeball Yuri. You hear what I'm saying? There is nothing worse for a soldier than to lose their mind. We're trusting you.
- Tanya to the Commander prior to Operation: Free Gateway
One short swim to Alcatraz, and I'll blow that psychic contraption sky-high!
- Tanya after Allied time travel
No fear, Tanya's here!
- Tanya after being deployed in Egypt
No problem, I'm trained to resist mind control
- Tanya in Egypt
You know, it might be easier to sneak me across the river then to get an entire army over the bridge
- Tanya in Egypt
Catch you on the replay.
- Tanya breaking the fourth wall in the Allied ending of Yuri's Revenge

RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Yuri's Revenge and might contradict canon.
I never thought I'd say this to a commie, but, um... thanks. <pause; to other soldiers in camp> Alright, this Yuri is going down! <turn back to camera> So we're ready to follow your orders. But you better know what you're doing, 'cause if my men gets slaughtered, you're gonna have to answer to me. You got that... comrade?
- Tanya to the Soviet Commander during Operation: Brain Wash
What? <laugh> Yeah, right, Boris is skilled. Ooh, look at me, I can call in an airstrike! Please...
- Tanya in Operation: Brain Wash (Yuri's Revenge)


Red Alert[]

Red Alert 2[]

Red Alert 3[]


Red Alert[]

Tanya tortured and escaping

Red Alert 2[]

Behind the scenes - Kari Wührer
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