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Your main source of funding will be the Oil Derricks.
- US Advisor

Oil Derricks were a common sight on the oil-drenched battlefields of the GLA War. They were also one of the most significant civilian buildings that could be captured by military forces. By researching the Capture Building upgrade at the Barracks, commanders from any faction could order their infantrymen to take these structures.

Once captured, an Oil Derrick delivered a one-off financial windfall of $1000 followed thereafter by a steady, near-unlimited stream of revenue of $200 per 12 seconds. The endless cash provided by the capture of an Oil Derrick made these buildings hot pieces of real estate for all generals, and they provided the flashpoint for many a vicious skirmish. Once captured an Oil Derrick was often zealously protected, lest it be captured by the enemy or simply destroyed.

A favorite GLA tactic was to purchase the Booby Trap upgrade for their Rebel fighters, and then order their Rebels to place said explosives on oil derricks to prevent their capture. Dr. Thrax captured some Oil Derricks, those funding his campaign, were covered in them, providing a tedious (yet often dangerous) task for the opposing US forces. In Russia, Iran and the Middle East, Thrax carried out the toxic chemicals by capturing as many of these buildings to gain funding and create bio-chemicals.


Dr. Thrax claimed that he needed oil to create his toxins, as said in his taunts in the Generals Challenge.

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