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Civilian Power Plants provide power for civilian areas. In times of war, Engineers could capture them to provide power for a military base. At times control of these sites could be crucial.

These power plants are unlike the ones set up relatively quickly on the battlefield, and are well constructed. Therefore, they are superior to all basic power plants, and thus they were often zealously sought out.

All these power plants are heavily armored, and will take a lot of damage. They cannot be sabotaged by a Spy, nor they can be power-drained by a Floating Disc, making them much more reliable in power consistency.

Role in the War[]

  • During the Battle of San Francisco, Allied, Soviet and Yuri forces competed to control the city's power plants to bring the Time Machine (Allied and Soviets) or the Psychic Dominator (Yuri) online.
  • During the Battle of Seattle during the Psychic Dominator Disaster, Allied and Yuri's forces contested over a series of power plants across the city to deny the other use of their superweapon while at the same time powering their own.


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