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For more uses, see Hospital.

Tech Hospitals are buildings designed for healing injured infantry.


Originally, a damaged infantry unit would enter the Hospital, and would come out a short time later fully healed. Commanders saw the usefulness of this and had Engineers trained to capture the building as a center to heal injured troops.

During the Psychic Dominator Disaster, control of a Hospital allowed a commander to heal all their infantry in the field, without having to have them actually enter the Hospital. The Hospital filled the same niche as the Machine Shop while healing infantry instead of repairing vehicles.

Game building[]

Hospitals are neutral structures that can be captured by any player. In unpatched versions (RA2 1.003 and earlier), when infantry actually enters the Tech Hospital, due to a glitch, or else the nature of the Hospital's functioning, the unit that exits the Hospital is duplicated in the player's Cloning Vat, if any.

In Red Alert 2, neutral Hospitals cannot be attacked other than via force-firing. In Yuri's Revenge, Hospitals can be attacked just like any hostile structure.


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