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For more uses, see Hospital.

Tech Hospitals are buildings designed for healing injuries.

Third World War

Originally, a damaged infantry unit would enter the hospital, and would come out a short time later fully healed. Commanders saw the usefulness of this and had Engineers trained to capture the building as a center to heal injured troops.

Psychic Dominator Disaster

After the Allied forces came from the future of the Psychic Dominator Disaster brought news of how brutal the war would be, medical funding was increased allowing hospitals to deliver medical supplies across a battlefield (however, infantry would no longer be able to actually enter the hospital as before.) Like the Tech Machine Shop, owning more allowed faster healing. The healing rate is vastly superior to that of the Machine Shop.

All infantry units receive portable medical kits and extra armor to heal themselves. However, Elite infantry units already know basic field survival and can heal themselves without any medical attention (like the heroes, such as Tanya, or elite infantry). However, a Tech Hospital or Tech Machine Shop was required to allow all units to completely heal or repair themselves.

Commanders can capture more tech hospitals to stack up the healing effect of their large infantry groups. However, this might not be effective when attacking a brutal AI opponent as France, as Prism tanks or Grand Cannons of sufficient firepower may be able to obliterate them.

Game building

Hospitals are not permanently on one side. With the arrival of an enemy engineer, a hospital may be redirected to produce medical equipment to treat members of the new allegiance. Nonetheless, hospitals are useful for reinforcing a commando raid, as it helps heal the infantry while in combat or retreating. It takes an estimated 5 to 10 seconds to patch up a unit to full health, depending on the damage taken and the health of infantry originally.

It should also be noted that when infantry actually enters the Tech Hospital, due to a glitch, or else the nature of the Hospital's functioning, the unit that exits the Hospital is duplicated in the player's Cloning vat, if any.

In Red Alert 2, if the hospital is neutral colored, it cannot be attacked other than force-firing. Unlike in Yuri's Revenge, where they can be attacked even if they're neutral.


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