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For the Generals structure of the same name, see Tech Oil Derrick (Generals).

Tech oil derricks were one of the most significant tech buildings during the first and second iterations of the Third World War, as oil was a very valuable resource. Commanders from all factions could order their engineers to capture these structures. Once captured, an oil derrick instantly produced 1000 dollars for its new owner, followed thereafter by a steady, unlimited stream of revenue, which was typically 20 dollars per cycle.


The endless cash provided by the capture of an Oil Derrick makes these buildings valuable targets to all commanders, as they provide the flashpoint for many vicious skirmishes. Once captured, oil derricks are often zealously protected, lest it be captured by the enemy or simply destroyed. Commanders who are lucky enough to capture multiple derricks often become quite paranoid, building needless amounts of defenses to protect them. One should not be surprised to find various defense structures protecting them, from humble sentry guns to grand cannons.

Oil is highly combustible. If an oil derrick is destroyed, the explosion will damage anything nearby, making it possible to take out a significant amount of the defenses around a derrick by destroying it, rather than trying to capture it. Chain explosion can occur among neighbouring Oil Derricks and/or other explosives.

If a computer controlled opponent is defeated by a player or another computer, any oil derrick(s) under that defeated team will be instantly destroyed.

Oil Derricks cannot be plundered by a Spy or Floating Disc.


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