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Oil Derrick Captured!
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RA3 Oil Derrick Icons

Tech Oil Derricks are one of the most significant Tech Buildings, as Oil is a very valuable resource. Commanders from any faction could order their Engineers to capture these structures. Upon capture, an Oil Derrick instantly grants 500 credits, followed thereafter by a steady, near-unlimited stream of revenue. The rate of income is 15 credits every 2 seconds.

The endless cash provided by the capture of an Oil Derrick made these buildings valuable targets for all commanders, and they provided the flashpoint for many vicious skirmishes. Once captured Oil Derricks were often zealously protected, lest it be captured by the enemy or simply destroyed.

Some oil derricks are deployed over water. Their rate of income is identical to their land counterparts.

If captured by enemies or co-commanders they get $1000.

Unfortunately, oil derrick tanks will be depleted while building is being collapsed, making no chain reaction destruction when you, allies or enemies are trying to destroy them. In later patches of Red Alert 3 (excluding uprising), they'll give chain reaction upon destruction similarly to Red Alert 2 ones. It's better to attack from afar.

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