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This is scary.
- Technician in Red Alert 2

Technicians were experts in various technological fields who were employed by factions during the Second World War and the Third World War.


Yeah? Okay.
- Technician in Red Alert 1

Technicians were tasked with maintaining sensitive equipment in buildings, and sometimes managed to evacuate the battlefield once the building was decommissioned. Interestingly, they were among the luckiest personnel, often escaping death in buildings they maintained that were destroyed by the enemy.

However, despite their 'luck', they were useless and highly vulnerable once found on the battlefield. They were usually armed with pistols for personal defense, but had little combat skill, often panicking and running around aimlessly (often to the amusement or annoyance of commanders).

Game Unit[]

Technicians were extremely light "support" units appearing in both Red Alert 1 and Red Alert 2.

In Red Alert 1, Technicians could deal mild damage to units with no armour whatsoever, like the V2 Rocket Launcher. Their armor was still comparably lighter than most infantry, however, and was certainly not suitable to serve as assault infantry.

In Red Alert 2, Technicians could only be commanded during certain campaign missions. The sidearm they were given seemed to be more for morale than strength, as they dealt very little damage to even basic infantry. Additionally, they often panicked when they were under fire, making them difficult to command. In Red Alert 2's expansion, Yuri's Revenge, any acquired Technicians could be sent into Bio Reactors to boost Yuri's power output, or into a Grinder for extra credits (however, note that untrainable units were typically assigned extremely low costs, and as such would have a very low returned value).

Contrary to what their name might suggest, Technicians did not have any ability to construct or maintain structures.


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