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For the Red Alert counterpart, see Technician (Red Alert).

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A Nod TWI Technician

Civilians with technical skills are often hired, or conscripted, by Nod or GDI to maintain buildings and operations, they have very little combat skills, if any at all. Technicians were experts in various technological fields who were employed by factions during the Second World War, and also saw service in the first and second Tiberium wars. Technicians were tasked with maintaining sensitive equipment in buildings handling delicate equipment, and sometimes did not manage to evacuate the battlefield once the building was decommissioned. Interestingly, they were among the luckiest personnel, often escaping death in buildings they maintained that were destroyed by the enemy.

They were usually armed with sidearms for personal defence and had little combat training, often panicking on the battlefield. However, towards the end of the First Tiberium War, civilians in the employ of the Brotherhood received armor and basic combat training and could defend themselves for a short time, but still proved to be no match for experienced soldiers. They occasionally served as decoys in order to lure GDI commandos into ambushes.

In the Second Tiberium War, technicians continued their role as non-combatant troops, wearing regular civilian clothing in the course of their duties but still armed with a machine pistol for self-defence. During the Firestorm Crisis, a team of Fence Technicians aided the GDI in deactivating CABAL's Laser fence perimeter. During the Third Tiberium War, they were integrated into regular armed forces, losing their civilian status, although they were still noncombatants that were almost never near the front lines. Also, while they still only used pistols, they were given a full set of body armor.

It should be noted that there is a rivalry between technicians and engineers.

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