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The Technology Assembler was a Scrin technology structure seen during the Third Tiberium War.


The Technology Assembler enables production of the Scrin's strongest units, outfit forces with improvements, and can render ground units impervious to attack for a short period of time[1].

Game structure

Upgrades provided

Icon Upgrade Description
CNCTW Forcefield Generators Cameo.png Forcefield generators The Scrin can upgrade their Annihilator tripods, Devastator warships, and Planetary assault carriers with forcefields, providing additional protection at the hefty cost of $4000. This upgrade takes 1:30 to research (Ctrl+A).
CNCKW Shard Launchers Cameo.png Shard launchers The plasma discs of Plasma missile batteries and Seekers can be switched to far more dangerous Tiberium shards accelerated at high velocity to puncture armor and rip through flesh. Shard Launchers cost $2500 and take 1:15 to research (Ctrl+S).
CNCKW Blue Shards Cameo.png Blue shards Reaper-17 can draw on its incredible affinity for Tiberium and enhance the weapons of its Shard walkers and Ravagers with Blue Shards, which do even more damage. This upgrade requires 60 seconds to upgrade and costs $2000 (Ctrl+D).
CNCKW Conversion Reserves Cameo.png Conversion Reserves Reaper-17 can double the amount of Tiberium that its Devourer tanks and Reaper tripods can store in their weapons. This upgrade costs $1000 and takes 30 seconds to research (Ctrl+F).
CNCKW Traveler Engines Cameo.png Traveler Engines Traveler Engines add 30% speed to Devastator warships and Planetary assault carriers. This upgrade costs $1500 and takes 0:45 to research (Ctrl+S).

Support powers provided

Icon Support power Description
CNCTW Phase Field Cameo.png Phase Field The affected vehicles are partially phased into another dimension. While they can still move at will, they cannot fire or be damaged by enemy fire. Phase Field lasts for 0:40 and costs $1500 to use, with a cooldown of 3:00.
CNCKW Temporal Wormhole Cameo.png Temporal Wormhole Traveler-59 can use a Temporal Wormhole to slow the movement of enemy units down to 25% and lower their rate of fire by 50%. Production structures caught in the radius take 50% longer to build. The Temporal Wormhole lasts 30 seconds. This power costs $1200 and takes 6:00 to recharge.


  • Unlike its GDI and Nod counterparts, the tech center and the tech lab, the technology assembler's appearance does not change after upgrades have been researched.


  1. Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars manual. Los Angeles, California: Electronic Arts Los Angeles, 2007.
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