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The Technology Inhibitor was an Allied structure deployed in Greece. It was capable of jamming enemy technology.


It is unknown by whom and when it was designed and built.

Allied forces mainly uses it to disrupt an enemy Tech tree, preventing the opponent from constructing advanced units of war. However, in the Soviet Battle of Mykonos, it has been shown that the Tech Inhibitor did not affect the Soviet airfield, in turn allowing the manufacturing of the Twinblade air unit.

Somehow Imperial shogunate leader Kenji Tenzai acquired blueprints of the Allied structure and built his own version of the Tech inhibitor in his stronghold at Osaka province. During the Imperial Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising Kenji activated the device just as the Allies destroyed the majority of Kenji's forces, bringing down all Allied aircraft and destroyed every high-tech weaponry the Allies deployed in the area. Kenji's tech inhibitor was subsequently destroyed by an Allied strike team consisting of Special Agent Tanya and Cryo Legionnaires.

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